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EQ-DiSC Certifications

Courses, Workshops and Seminars.

A wide range of courses and training workshops are offered for Human Resources Professionals, Coaches, Consultants, Trainers, Organizational Psychologists, and for all Organizational Development experts, who wish to extract the maximum potential from EQ-DiSC Assessment.

Our trainers will train, advise and help you to use our technology in such a way that they have an immediate impact on your projects. They are all professionals with long experience in the occupational field and have helped companies with the same challenges you have today to optimize people's performance.

EQ-DiSC certifications

Introductory Level

Online Interpretation Courses (*)

Interpretation web courses allow you to understand the basics of DiSC theory to extract the full potential of EQ-DiSC® reports.

* Included with the purchase of any of our solutions for companies or HR consultants.

Professional level

Analyst Certification

In this workshop, participants are taught to handle the DiSC Methodology, its expanded version (EQ) and to extract the maximum potential from the tool. It allows to understand in depth the individual behavior profiles, interpret the behavior of the teams and locate the best candidates both in front of positions and skills.

Advanced level

Specialized Seminars

Various training seminars that provide specific and exhaustive knowledge about various advanced uses of the EQ-DiSC® assessments applicable to the full Talent Management cycle such as: Seminar and Job Configuration, Team Management, Leadership Development Seminars, Identification and Development of Sellers, Coaching, etc.