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Become an EQ-DISC® Authorized Distributor.

EQ-DiSC Authorized Distributor

A real business opportunity.

At EQ-DiSC International we market our evaluations exclusively through our authorized distributors. For this reason we offer companies and HR professionals the possibility of joining our team of associates and starting with an attractive business.

From an accessible investment, our distributors can obtain an interesting profit margin through the resale of our products and services. We also offer other important benefits such as continuous training, technical support or referral of our own clients.

There are currently 12 Authorized EQ-DiSC Distributors around the world and the number continues to increase.

Contact us to know the terms and conditions to be an EQ-DiSC Authorized Distributor. Do not miss this opportunity!

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EQ-DiSC® Distributor Structure
From a minimum investment.
Unlimited access to our wide range of products and services.
The contracted solutions do NOT expire.
Important discounts for wholesale purchases.
Referral of customers from global marketing campaigns.
Indirect derivation of customers by geographical proximity.
Continuous research, materials development and validation studies.
A simple results management system, 100% online.
Multilingual reports.
Access to exclusive certification and training programs.
Permanent support and customer service team.
Access to promotional materials (digital and printed).
Customizable solutions with your own brand.
Support in our brand and experience.
01 Be an independent HR consulting or professional company (or related professions).
02 Be duly certified in the use of EQ-DiSC® tools.

Steps to become an EQ-DiSC® Distributor

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