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Identify and develop your talents.

EQ-DISC® Assessment is the behavioral assessment psychometric tool that allows you to analyze in depth the behavioral style of people - and teams - to identify and develop their talents.

This evaluation offers accurate, valuable and reliable information that can be successful in all processes that concern the development of human capital, such as: Selection and recruitment processes, Interpersonal relationships, Performance evaluations, Professional development, Leadership development, Team building, Sales strategies, Coaching and training processes, Vocational guidance, among many other applications.

EQ-DISC Assessment® is scientifically validated and is based on the DiSC theory developed by the American psychologist William Marston, the investigations of the Swiss psychologist Carl Jung and the most recent studies on Emotional Intelligence (EQ).

The evaluation results allow the issuance of a complete series of easy-to-interpret reports that are generated and managed from our platform. EQ-DISC Assessment® operates 100% online and is used by thousands of people, companies and professionals worldwide.