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We help organizations optimize HR processes.

Improve the performance of your employees and teams.

The EQ-DISC solutions for Companies allow to improve the complete cycle of performance management of employees and teams: Selection and recruitment processes, Strengthening of teams, Employee engagement, Change management, Leadership development, Sales, Attention to the client, etc.

Your company can use the EQ-DiSC Assessment either by training and certifying the HR team or by relying on the expert consultants in our international distributors network.

EQ-DISC for Companies is used by hundreds of organizations, from SMEs to multinationals, because it offers deep and reliable results that help maximize the profitability of your business in the short and medium term.

Discover the advantages that EQ-DiSC can bring to your company!

01 Job Benchmarking
02 Selection and Recruitment
03 Employee Engagement
04 Team Building
05 Change management
06 Leadership Development
07 Sales Force Development and Customer Service
08 Effective communication
09 Coaching and mentoring
09 Other uses
01 A simple, intuitive and 100% online system.
02 From an accessible investment, without fees or fixed charges.
03 Top quality evaluations and last generation platform.
04 Unlimited access to all reports for 1 credit.
05 Contracted credits NEVER expire.
06 Important discounts for purchase of credit volume.
07 Continuous research, development of materials and validation studies.
08 Platform and reports in multiple languages.
09 Assigned agent for help in everything you need.
10 Permanent support and customer service team.
11 Unlimited access to video tutorials and usage materials.
12 Discounts on training programs.
Steps to hire our solutions for companies:
01 Contact us from the web form, chat or phone.
02 We will assign you an agent in your region or country to assist you in whatever you need, which will send you a "Registration Form" to complete.
03 Once we receive the form we open an account in your name and voila ... in a few minutes you can start evaluating people.

EQ-DiSC International offers its Customers the possibility of acquiring "Credit Packages" as well as "Unlimited Corporate Use Licenses."
To use our solutions, your company must train and certify personnel from your own Human Resources team (or you can hire the services of EQ-DiSC Consultants in your region). We will also put at your disposal a complete suite of tutorials, videos, and materials that will help you get the most out of our tool.

Start evaluating with our platform

It’s easy, there are no fixed charges, you only pay for what you consume. Start from a single assessment or get advantageous prices by purchasing credit packages.

Some companies that use our assessments.

"EQ-DISC has been a great help in evaluating the candidates that best fit the positions we wanted to strengthen in the company's projects. The tool is very intuitive and the results are obtained immediately."

Arturo Kohen
HR Manager