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EQ-DISC International is a leading company in the development of evaluations to identify and enhance talent, mainly aimed at meeting the needs of organizations and professionals that deal with human capital management.

Since 2007 we help our clients to enhance their talent development processes, offering an exhaustive and deep vision of the behavior of those evaluated. We take care to ensure a high level of certainty in all decisions related to people, because we identify with great precision not only the profiles of behavior (natural or adapted to work), but also the competencies, the motivators, the potential, the style of communication and leadership and areas to be developed, as well as a wealth of valuable information about personality.

EQ-DISC Assessment is currently the most complete and fastest growing tool in the world of behavioral assessments to manage human capital, because it incorporates all the power of DiSC analysis along with the contributions on the study of Emotional Intelligence (EQ). Our tools are available in several languages, are permanently validated and our firm has an international presence. We work with all types of companies, from SMEs to multinationals, and always with optimal results.

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